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About the Author

Oleksandr VysotskyiOleksandr Leonidovych Vysotskyi was born on December 10, 1963 at the Kulchyn village, Kivertsy region, Volyn province. From 1971 to 1981 he studied at the Zhydychyn secondary school. From 1981 to 1989 - a student of the Ukrainian institute of engineers of water management in the city of Rovno, specialty “Industrial and Civil Construction”. From May 1984 to May 1986 he served in the Soviet Army at the Chyrchyk and Termez cities in Uzbekistan. Military specialty is a baker. He learned biorhythms on February 1983. In four years he began to study the influence of biorhythms on compatibility. The first calculations became the basic of "Love formula": "For beginning, keep and development of love feeling it's necessary (but not enough) that intellectual, emotional and physical biorhythms of the couple practically coincide". During his job he calculated the compatibility of tens of thousands couples. The author of books "The Formula of Love": myth and reality", "My "Formula of Love". All elaborations are under copyright protection No.9221 of 15.01.2004.

Hello, Oleksandr! I've read your interview and later the materials of the site. Thank you very much. The biorhythms theory is fantastic. If I had known that information before there would have been less mistakes in my life. And perhaps not only in mine...
Thanks a lot! Tatyana.

Thank you very much for your research. Your site became a real present and support for me at uneasy (after divorce) time: I've got very much about my relations with former partner.
Best regards, Anna.

Hello, Oleksandr! Thank you very much for your job on biorhythms study. For 6 years I'm intensively advocating your site to all acquaintances of mine here and abroad. Your system of calculation is actually unique. Well, the popularity of biorhythms among people is really growing just due to your website and research. The people check all their former relations, all current connections just after the acquaintance. Moreover: they "give lifts" to biorhythms all their friends, and those – theirs. Recently more and more people write that they have noticed an interest trend: for compatibility of intellectual rhythms the physical attraction would be stronger, and if there is a high emotional compatibility the intellectual rhythm however strange would be a little weakened. With what both men and women report about these findings. I'm going to carry out the next little study on regularity of this phenomena. Thank you!
Sincerely yours, Marina.

Hello! To tell the truth I haven't read the material of site from cover to cover but what I have read helped me to know much better the theme of biorhythm compatibility of partners. First of all, thank you very much for creating the resource – on other sites there is a very meager description and explanation of calculation results.

Dear Oleksandr! Thanks a lot for your job due to which I had managed to align the events of my life and lives of my people. Good luck in all undertakings.

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