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Daily Characteristics

If we carefully study a biorhythms table, we can find three indicators of minimums and three indicators of maximums. There are other types, which we will now look at. The arranged order of biorhythms is intellectual, emotional and physical, respectively.

+ + + A person is in good condition. This period demands forceful actions. The greatest mistake is to rest, to be careless and lighthearted. It is high time to start new work and new business acquaintances, to extend one's sphere of influence. It is a good time to have a positive influence on people and on different situations. You can prove you are telling the truth and are right without difficulty. It is one's most efficient time.

+ + – This is a good time for conducting negotiations on the phone, that is, regarding work, that demands good effective ideas and quick reactions, but no physical effort. You can analyze problems in the quite of your office. You can go to the cinema, or theatre, or you can spend time with friends or your loved ones. Sex, however, won't give you much pleasure.

+ – – It is advisable to analyze the state of your business or things that have been done in the past. You can create something new, but it would take you a lot of efforts to finish what you have already begun. You'd better put aside all important affairs till the next high point. In such a period you can play chess and poker, solve different crosswords, but only with polite and nice people.

+ – + It is too early to start serious work. There is a lack of desire and inspiration. Don't stimulate you body with alcohol. You can do some mental (some planning) or physical work. Take good care of your wife.

– + + A great desire to create exists , but it is difficult to orient oneself in a new situation. It's better to repair your house with inspiration, when everything is ready and well thought over. Take good care of your husband. Don't make important decisions.

– + – Your soul aspires to beauty and self-realization. It is impossible to do something serious - your mind and body can't help you. So music, verses, exhibitions and communication with pleasant people would be most effective.

– – + Your mind and soul demand a rest, but your body needs activity. You can tour through the country, play football or volleyball or work near your garden cottage. If physical strength allows, you may go for a massage, take a bath or make love with your partner. Be careful while communicating.

– – – "If you do everything wrong - put your hands in pockets!" It is high time to rest from activities and from important decisions. You may do anything, that doesn't demand great effort or willpower. You may clean your flat, visit friends or take a walk. You should avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

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