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Biorhythm Harmony Calculations

The method of biorhythmic calculations is very simple: the difference in the two partners' ages (calculated in days) must be a multiple of 32, 27 or 22. You can also use a program for calculating individual biorhythms: minimums and maximums won't be off by more than 3 or 4 days.

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Example 1.

Biorhythm Harmony

Prince Charles was born on year November, 14th, 1948 and princess Diana - on July, 1st, 1961. The coincidence of intellectual rhythms is 85%,
emotional rhythms - 70%
physical rhythms - 17%
The average percentage is - 57.

Analysis. It is a typical case of Platonic life. The love-making period can last for a long time: walks, warm conversations, kisses. "The ship of love is wrecked on sex". It is no wonder, that both the partners had extramarital relations. Their sons wouldn't, perhaps, be ill, but they wouldn't have the best of health.

Example 2.

Biorhythm Harmony

Bill Clinton was born on August, 19, 1946, and Hillary Clinton - on October, 26, 1948. The coincidence of intellectual rhythms is 99%,
emotional rhythms - 8%
physical rhythms - 30%
The average percentage is 43%.

Analysis. It is a marriage for personal gain. No real love is evident. May be, she was charmed by the future president's mental abilities, his speaking skills or his appearance. But feelings are very weak here. May be, he persistently courted his wife, because harmonious intellectual rhythms stimulate a man to mental activity. Clinton wouldn't have become president without his wife.
Their daughter will also have problems in love relations.
We almost forgot that their intuitive spiritual rhythm is also disharmonious: 20% and 8%, respectively.

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