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The classification of marriages

Is our love so enigmatic and mysterious? While analyzing biorhythmical compatibility, we can get a new point of view on mutual relations and appreciate them in another way. A certain scheme of relations is created, seemingly a range of reciprocal relations. It is practically impossible to overcome this. There are nine possible combinations of the three seemingly a range of reciprocal relations. Let us examine them.

All three biorhythms are disharmonious.

There is no real family life. The cause of marriage is an outward attractiveness, sex, mental advantage or just habit. Some feelings which appear at the beginning of relations are lost during the course of time. When love is gone, leaving no children or common property, the marriage is destroyed. Otherwise, the married couple is just a financial-material unity. They are energetic vampires, who coexist in one house, tormenting each other and their children.

Only physical rhythms are harmonious.

The situation is similar to the previous one. But here a physical bent and sexual satisfaction keeps the family being destroyed. But not only with the help of sex alone... A spiritual warmth and mutual understanding are also necessary.

Only emotional rhythms are harmonious.

We have is something like love, especially from the woman's point of view. A great feeling of love appears from the very first acquaintance. But during the course of time the man's feeling grows cold. Intimate relations don't give any happiness. Their love is broken. It is a real tragedy for the woman. She can't reconcile herself with it. She is ready to do anything to bring her lover back, and then live at his expense, doing nothing.

Emotional and physical biorhythms are harmonious.

The situation is quite complicated. It is better for men to avoid women with such biorhythmic coincidence. Besides a desire to possess you completely there is a physical bent and sexual satisfaction, which are not achievable with anyone. The latter confuses men and make woman's behaviour more cruel in her struggle for her happiness.

Only intellectual rhythms are harmonious.

It is the third type in reverse. A woman can be attracted by a man's mental abilities or his skillfulness in speaking. But during the course of time, a person gets used to everything and finds nothing that brings warmth to their soul. A man begins to fight for his happiness. It means trouble for the woman, who gets married to such a man.

Intellectual and physical biorhythms are harmonious.

A physical satisfaction (contentment), which is associated with love, is added to the previous type. A man will make a lot of efforts to conquer such a woman.

Intellectual and emotional biorhythms are harmonious.

It is Platonic love. Everything is good, except sex. It is the type that is a real friendship and cooperation at all the levels. It is a good choice for a secretary, but not for a wife. Young people, whose feelings are developed more than their intimate relations, can fall into such a trap. In such families there are rare occurrences of love-making or a lack of sexual relations altogether. It is better for partners to take a rest from each other or sleep in different rooms.

All three biorhythms are harmonious (60-80%).

There is stability, warmth and mutual understanding, which could be even stronger. For people, who are satisfied with their position and have good family, it is more like friendship and cooperation. Maximalists, who are looking for complete harmony, can destroy everything they should save, with their own hands.

Three harmonious biorhythms (more than 80%) should unite people in marriage.

Real feelings and right kind of sex are possible. Such couples might say that others don't understand what real love is: one shouldn't speak about feelings, one should just love! These women bring to birth intelligent, beautiful and healthy children, who live a happy life and are free from problems (if they don't make problems for themselves).

So, we have the characteristics of marriage from the biorhythmic point of view. Maybe, someone thinks that life is more complicated than theories and formula. But our being can't be more difficult than natural laws. We can't always be united with the one we want, but we can avoid an unpleasant person. The main thing is to give our children all the very best, but our trust in God alone.

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