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Combinations of three biorhythms

Let us leave for now the little investigated intuitive rhythm and analyze the combination of the other three biorhythms. The periods of their cycles are different, so their exact repetition takes place only every 26 years. But an approximate repetition can be observed in 352 days. Let us analyze the different possible combinations.


For a person, who has no idea about biorhythms, such a situation means "black" days or a string of bad luck. Three simultaneous minimums can last one, two, or three days. The worst is when they alternate every other day. In such a case you can't live your normal active life for five days. Nature demands an immediate rest: you may either decrease the intensity of your activity or you may completely relax. It is not worthwhile to make important decisions. It's better to put them off until the future. During a period of three minimums it is practically impossible to start new work, to grasp and retain a lucky chance. But in one and half weeks a period of three maximums will begin. It has the same rhythmic cycles. Mathematical calculations show, that an increase in biorhythms increases on June, 10th one year will turn out to be a great decline the next year.


This is the time for us to sum up what we have done during a certain period (half a year, for example) or even to consider the events of our whole life. It is the best time for a person to sense all his hidden reserves and to make strategical plans. Later, when the maximums are passing by, such tasks could seem unrealistic, but they can serve as a "lighthouse" in the sea of life. The main idea is that when there are three maximums it is the best time for conception. It is advisable to add to it some positive astrological influences, but that is another subject altogether...


Such a situation is difficult for women, because a split personality can appear. An intellectual maximum gives clearness of thought, and an understanding of certain life phenomena and processes. Good plans are made, but they can't be realized because of a lack of desire and energy.


This situation is the opposite of the previous one. It is crucial for men. The emotional maximum prompts one to forceful actions, some friction between partners appears, but the intellectual minimum gives no possibility to perceive the situation objectively, and make the optimal decision, especially in unusual situations.

If we know our biorhythms, we will be able to easily avoid all the critical situations and to choose the best time either for rest or for more forceful actions.

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