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Biorhythmic Influence on Harmony

"Love is something altogether
different than what you think it is."
Jessamine West

Every biorhythmic cycle has its own sphere of influence. The harmony or disharmony of certain biorhythms also affect relations between people.

The intellectual rhythm can, under certain conditions, be called a male rhythm because its disharmony has a negative influence on the stronger sex's conduct and produces to constant discomfort, unsociability and a lack of self-esteem. All of these factors can be "successively" altered by alcohol or by another woman. This is one of the reasons for drunkenness and alcoholism. Disharmonious intellectual rhythms have a negative effect on the partners' professional sphere and hinder their creative work and self-realization.
Harmonious rhythms gives us self-confidence and stability and they give rise to new ideas, professional self-improvement and self- development.

Emotional rhythms are considered to be more female rhythms. So, their harmony influences the fair sex most of all. Disharmonious emotional rhythms mean loss of attractiveness, imbalance, irritation and inner distress, as well as dissatisfaction with life and tastelessness of food. Such moments are like "death" for women. Harmonious emotional rhythms are the main thing which women aspire to. It is the mystery of their heart. There are a lot of things, without which she could be content, but she can't live without harmonious emotional rhythms (read "love"). Any woman can find something positive in a criminal, whose emotional rhythms are harmonious. A similar situation can be observed with harmonious intellectual rhythms, but it is more energy dependent than feelings.

Physical biorhythms are responsible for health and sex. Disharmonious physical rhythms mean, first of all, sexual dissatisfaction. The principles of Indian techniques or "Viagra" are helpless, the bodies have a different vibration. Its results are infrequent sexual contact or the complete absence such relations or even extramarital relations. A disharmony of physical rhythms can lead to different illnesses (and to weaker organisms, as a rule). Treatment gives only a temporary effect. The easiest way to stop a deluge of physical disharmonious rhythms is to sleep in different beds. A harmony of physical rhythms gives the greatest pleasure. If we don't restrict ourselves just to animal-like sex and develop human mutual relations, we can achieve unusual depths cosmic heights. Sexotherapeutics gives the possibility of getting rid of various illnesses and diseases.

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