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Biorhythmical Generators

While observing the fluctuations in intellectual, emotional, physical and intuitive rhythms, a logical question arises: what is their nature, why do intellectual abilities and emotions constantly change?

The founders of biorhythmic cycles presupposed that the biorhythms they investigated are regulated by the endocrine glands. Do biorhythms, perhaps, influence the work of these glands?

Our investigations have shown that the work of two (svadhistana), three (manipura), four (anahata) of a persons magnetic energy centers is synchronized with fluctuations in intellectual, emotional, physical biorhythms, in which their intensity is the greatest at the maximum, and the lowest at a minimum. This testifies of the cosmic stimulators of our feelings. It is interesting that the Sun revolves around its axis every 27 days, beings is equal to the period of one's emotional cycle.

Evidently, the cosmos influences our biosphere, which transfers energy to certain glands. So we feel changes in our inner state.

Whatever, one can't argue with the fact that regular periodic changes in our intellect, emotions and physical state take place. Learning of these fluctuations we can harmonize our inner state with relations with other people, with nature and the Universe.

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